Throughout these guides we will build a complete Kitura server for a simple bookstore. This bookstore application will have routes, database integration, sessions and even authentication. Finally we will deploy our bookstore application onto the cloud using tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

ToDo List: Building a Swift Backend

In this tutorial you will learn about server-side Swift, the Kitura framework, REST APIs, OpenAPI, Docker and Kubernetes. At the end you will have a fully functioning application which passes a provided verification testsuite, running in Kubernetes.

Getting started with server-side Swift

Follow a quick tutorial setting up a simple Kitura server. Throughout this tutorial you will learn what RESTful API routing is, how to create a Kitura server using this API and finally how to connect this server to a CouchDB database.

Kitura Stencil: Build a website with Swift

In this tutorial you will learn about what templating is, then use the Stencil template engine alongside Swift to create a website for the Emoji Journal project.

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