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Kitura is proud to be a part of the wider Swift community. Below you can see details of events which feature Kitura technology.

Swift Summit

try! Swift 2019 - Tokyo, Japan

Ian Partridge and David Okun ran a workshop on how to build a cloud-native Swift backend, which proved very popular with the community. David and Ian also gave a presentation and associated demo on building a social network in Swift.

Swift Summit

ServerSide.swift 2018 - Berlin, Germany

Video: From Idea to Production at ING - Pim Stolk & Ian Partridge

Slides: Swift on the Server - Ian Partridge

Ian Partridge gave a presentation about server-side Swift with Kitura, including the adoption of Swift on the server and the latest updates to Kitura.

Swift Summit

try! Swift 2018 - New York City, USA

Blog Post: Introducing Kitura 2.5 - Ian Partridge

Ian Partridge and Chris Bailey hosted a workshop, and gave a presentation on the latest updates to Kitura. We also joined Apple and Vapor to announce a new start for the Swift Server Work Group.

Swift Summit

AltConf 2018 - San Jose, USA

Meet the Kitura team across the street from WWDC, and explore a series of workshops and tutorials alongside presentations from some of our lead developers.

Swift Summit

iOSLondon - London, UK

Video: Server-side Swift with Kitura - David Dunn

David Dunn gave a presentation about server-side Swift with Kitura and spoke to attendees about the Swift community and the state of server-side Swift.

Swift Summit

iOSCon 2018 - London, UK

Video: Understanding Codable - Ian Partridge

Our own Ian Partridge also gave a talk on Codable in Swift 4, which we have linked above. Visit the link below to catch up on the other talks at the event.

Swift Summit

try! Swift 2018 - Tokyo, Japan

Video: Codable Routing in Kitura - Pushkar Kulkarni

Blog Post: Introducing Kitura 2 - Chris Bailey

Our very own Pushkar gave a presentation on the power of codable routing, introduced in Kitura 2. We also spoke to lots of developers and ran some workshops that proved popular with the community, ran by our own Ian Partridge and David Okun.

Swift Summit

Swift Summit 2017 - San Francisco, USA

Video: Swift on the Server | State of the Union - Chris Bailey

Blog Post: KituraKit : Client-side REST made Easy - Kye Maloy

We had some exciting announcements including Commercial Support for Swift on Linux and we also introduced KituraKit (GitHub) to help developers with their client-side Swift.