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Deploy to the Cloud with Kubernetes


Whilst Kitura can be deployed to any Cloud offering we will be using IBM Cloud as an example in this guide.

  • Kitura Server: Learn how to create one in our Getting Started guide.
  • IBM Cloud Account: Learn how to sign up for free
  • A free cluster on IBM Cloud: Learn how to create your free cluster
  • Deployed server to Docker: Learn how to do this by following our Docker guide

Step 1: Tag your Docker image

 docker tag <source_image>:<tag> registry.<region><my_namespace>/<new_image_repo>:<new_tag>

Step 2: Push the Docker image

 docker push registry.<region><my_namespace>/<image_repo>:<tag>

Step 3: Update Helm charts

Edit values.yml inside the charts directory to point at correct registry

Initialise cluster with Helm

helm init

Install via helm

helm install —name myapp .
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