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Cloud Foundry


  • Kitura Server: Learn how to create one in our Getting Started guide.
  • IBM Cloud Account: Learn how to sign up for free

Step 1: Set URL target

To push your application, you first need to consult your cloud operator to find the URL you need to target. You can set it in the command line like this:

cf login -a <API endpoint>

You’ll also need to provide your username and password when prompted.

Step 2: Set target organisation

Set target:

cf target -o <organisation> -s <space>

Step 3: Push your app

Now, you’re ready to push your app. Simply run the following command from the same location as your manifest.yml:

cf push

Your Kitura application should now be successfully deployed into your Cloud Foundry environment! If you haven’t edited the manifest.yml file, it will have been assigned a random route. If you visit this URL you should see the Kitura splash page.

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