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What are Databases?

A Database is a computerized system that is used to host a collection of information which is organized in a way so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.

Databases exist everywhere in the real world. Your local supermarket will have a Database that stores information regarding all their produce. When the cashier scans an item at the checkout a request is made to their database using the unique barcode for that item. Then the price and name for that item are retrieved from the database, this information is what is printed to your receipt.

There are two main types of databases, SQL (or relational) and NoSQL (or non-relational) and Kitura has support for both types.

SQL Databases

SQL Databases are table based databases, that is you create tables within your database to store information in. These tables have columns defined to organize the data and rows inserted to add values to the columns.

Below is a list of SQL Database plugins Kitura has support for:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases are document based, key-value pairs, graph databases or wide-column stores which do not have standard schema definitions which it needs to adhere to unlike SQL Databases.

Below is a list of NoSQL Database plugins Kitura has support for:

  • CouchDB/Cloudant
  • MongoDB: Using external MongoKitten repository

Next steps

Add ORM SQL Database: Add an SQL database using Swift-Kuery-ORM

Add SQL Database: Add an SQL database using Swift-Kuery directly

Add CouchDB Database: Add a CouchDB database using Kitura-CouchDB

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