Getting Started

Develop your first Kitura web application.

Install prerequisites.

Install Homebrew tap.

Installing Kitura’s Homebrew tap will allow brew to access Kitura’s package repository.

brew tap ibm-swift/kitura

Install Kitura’s command-line interface.

brew install kitura

Create a directory for your Kitura project.

mkdir HelloKitura
cd HelloKitura

Using the Kitura command-line interface, generate a basic starter project.

kitura init

info You can learn more about the generated project structure.

Open the generated HelloKitura.xcodeproj project in Xcode.

open HelloKitura.xcodeproj

Edit Sources/Application/Application.swift and add the following code inside the postInit() function.

// Handle HTTP GET requests to /
router.get("/") {
    request, response, next in
    response.send("Hello, World!")

Edit the Xcode build scheme so it specifies HelloKitura as the Executable (by default it will be set to HelloKitura-Package when you open Xcode).


Click the play button (⌘-R) to build and run your new web application.

Open your web browser at http://localhost:8080.

You should see the following page in your browser:

"Hello, World!"

Congratulations! You have just created your first server-side Swift application using Kitura.


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